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Making a bag is easier than you imagine

We give clear step by step sewing instructions and tutorial videos.

Step by Step illustrating Pictures

Step by Step Pictures

The whole bag making process was broken down into many steps, each of which were photographed in the professional studio. Those pictures are the best helper while making your bag!

Diagram illustration

Diagram illustrations

In addition to photographs and step guidelines, we provide clear easy-to-understand diagrams to further streamline the making process.

Online Video Tutorial

Online Video Tutorials

Still hard to understand the steps pictures? Don’t worry! Videos of the original making processes demonstrate the difficult steps. By scanning the QR code in the booklet, you can jump to the tutorials in one step. Watch video


Kraft paper in use

We print the sewing patterns on 150-gram Kraft paper. Original pattern sizes are used for printing without need for additional scaling. Kraft paper is nice for drawing outlines on the fabric, and can be kept for later use.

United systemic pattern marking

Systemic marking system

Our patterns use a united marking system. Each piece is marked with helpful information including the size, seam allowance, amount of pieces and fabric to apply. Once you’re done with any of niizo designed bags, making a new one will be a breeze!

Mark Sewing Pattern

Sewing Pattern Layout included

Follow the layouts in the tutorial booklet, learn the most efficient way of using the fabric. No more risk of making mistakes while cutting out the fabric.


Follow the steps, be patient, and hold on to the end.
Everyone can be a craftsman!
Just follow your inspiration and share your projects around!


Their patterns are so user-friendly and considerate

I finally finished Be Strong Back Pack, it is a little bit challenge for a beginner like me, but I started anyway. Their bags have magic power, once I started, I don’t want to stop. I enjoyed a lot during making the bag, I am so proud of myself...
by Huei Jane Yeh


My husband is totally obsessed with this Hobo Canvas Bag

This is my third bag of niizo, I am especially fond of the bag interior design. My husband used this bag for our annual traveling. He said that this bag got the perfect size and functional pockets, he really likes it. ...
by 李金華


The most luxury sewing kit ever

The sewing kits of niizo are so anundant and nice package. There are kraftpaper pattens, tutorial booklet , fabrics , accessories, leather… inside. I am so happy to with those delicate things...
by Jane Liu

About Amy

The head product designer of niizo, focus on sewing teaching and
inspire more people to jump into the craft wonderland

Amy craft

Su Nien Lin(Amy)

Products designer / Sewing Professor / Book Author Big fan of Canvas Bags, Crafting lover. A doer, once ideas come into her mind, she will exclude all her daily schedules to finish the new item.




Magazine:我愛布雜貨、巧手易Hand Made、好吃


An easy project for beginners

why not give it a try?

Big Belly Book Cover Pattern

Big Belly Book Cover

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